Stocktake and inventory reconciliation

How to do a stocktake inside Stock&Buy

  • Go to Stock Control page.
  • On right hand side click on the "Stock take" button.
  • The first page will allow you to download your current inventory.
  • Download the file and open it in Excel or Numbers.
  • Make the needed changes (explained below) and upload the file again.
  • Stock&Buy will automatically create the necessary adjustements for both quantities, MAC, and purchase prices.

Stocktake format and inventory reconciliation

The file is a simple csv file, which has the following columns:

  1. Product name: Your product name. Please don't update this column, it is just for your convenience.
  2. SKU: Stock Keeping Unit for each variant. Please make sure those are unique, and that you don't modify them in the file you just downloaded. If you do, items won't be updated when you upload the file again.
  3. Cost: The MAC for a single unit for this variant. You don't need to update this, it is here just for your reference.
  4. PurchasePrice: The price you pay for your products (per unit). This is also just for reference, please don't modify.
  5. Quantity: This is the current inventory that Stock&Buy knows about. 
  6. Wholesale price: The product variant whole sale price.
  7. Retail price: The product variant sale price.
  8. Compare price: The product variant compare price.
  9. Tags: The product tags.
  10. Product type: The product type.

That's it, very simple. When you do all the necessary updates in the csv file, go to the next page on the wizard, and upload the modified file.

As a side not, this feature can be used for exporting all your current inventory, make offline sales, and upload the file again when you are completed. We will automatically create the proper inventory adjustment. And if you have connected stores (Shopify, WooCommerce, ect...), they will automatically receive the new adjusted quantities.

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